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Randy & Paula Borton: Directors

P.O. Box 416 East Bend, NC 27018

P: 336-813-3007

F: 336-505-4103



To apply for Solus Christus Safe House click on the following link, fill out the application, and fax it to the number provided on the application, then call for a phone interview.

Solus Christus application




  1. Reply Dale Underhill

    Can you do a firepit experience oct. 7th or Oct. 21st?

    Also could we discuss a project day for our Missions Conference, Feb 18th at your farm


    Best Regards,

    Dale Underhill

    • Reply pborton


      I’m not sure what you mean by a firepit experience. Both dates are open. Are you talking about a bonfire? Love to talk with you more about it. Feb 18th – what did you have in mind? Wintertime would be an interesting time to do a project. If you have ideas, just let me know.

      In Christ Alone,

      Paula Borton

    • Reply pborton

      Yes. Get an application in and then call us. We’d love to help.


  2. Reply Julianna campbell

    Hi my names julianna Campbell I talked to y’all bout a month ago just wondering if you still have my app and can let me know if I can come asap

  3. Reply Marcie

    Im not sure I understand, how long do the women stay here? Do they go to a Christian rehab first, then come here or start here then go to a rehab. My sis n law needs help badly. Where is this home located. Thank you

    • Reply pborton

      Marcie, We come to us after detox while they wait on a bed at a long-term Christian rehab of their choosing. We work with 38 such rehabs all around the USA> Get her to put in an application. Then she needs to call and ask for a phone interview. We certainly will help if we can. Paula

  4. Reply Alicia Stewart

    Hey, my name is Alicia Stewart. I was wondering if you have any openings right now. I really would like to get residency at Safe Harbor in Hickory NC but was referred to Solus Christus first. If you have any openings please let me know. Thank you

  5. Reply Kim Thomas

    Hi I’m looking for a facility for my sisters-in-law. Do you have an available space?

    • Reply pborton

      Kim, Our beds come available often quickly. It depends on when the rehabs call for the ladies to go forward. So, have her send in an application, then call for a phone interview. If we are a good fit, we will get her in here as fast as we can. Paula

  6. Reply Christina Bolich

    Hello, Solus Christus~

    I have an application filled out and scanned. Is there an email address to which I can send?

    Thank you so much!
    Blessings, Chris Bolich

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