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Randy & Paula Borton: Directors

P.O. Box 416 East Bend, NC 27018

P: 336-813-3007

F: 336-505-4103



To apply for Solus Christus Safe House click on the following link, fill out the application, and fax it to the number provided on the application, then call for a phone interview.

Solus Christus Application




  1. Reply Priscilla M Trumpower

    I had heard of your facility threw Lams Chapel, where myself and some of my family members attend church.I am email with regards for a dear friend, she lost her husband in a tragic accident at work about 2 years ago and has a 10 year old son. She has fell on some hard times and resorted to prescriptions pain pills and other drugs to deal with her problems. She lives in VA but is seeking help and willing to travel. I have talked with her about your facility and she is wanting to come. I am able to go and get her from VA and bring her to your facility. She has made agreements for someone to care for her son so she can go some where to get herself better, I have printed off the appliction and will fax that in also her cell number is 1 540 898 3919 her Name is Jacklyn Gibson. Also feel fee to call me with any questions.
    Priscilla Trumpower
    336 684 6071

    • Reply pborton


      I’ve listened to some sermons from Lams Chapel. My sister told me about it. Thanks for writing for Jacklyn. I don’t see her application. Would you mind sending it again? I’ll do my best to respond quickly. How did you send it before? faxed? Thanks for helping Jacklyn. I hope we can too.

      In Christ Alone,

      Paula Borton

  2. Reply Tina Cribb

    Paula my name is Tina and my close friend Brittanie Brown gave me info of this place said it saved her life and I’m seeking help for my life partner Shannon she wants help to stop using and she realizes she can’t do it own her own she doesn’t have insurance or money can u still help her

    • Reply pborton

      We do not take insurance and neither do the long-term facilities that we work with. Have her fill out the application, send it in and call for a personal phone interview. We will help her if we can.


  3. Reply Brie

    Hi my mom has had a drug problem for a few years now, she has done the methadone clinic and the saboxon clinic and she needs actual help with working through her addiction not just another substitute. My grandmother and I have had the hardest time trying to get her in a in-patient program but most places will not take her. She has been wheelchair-mobile for 11 years now. She does not need any physical help or care. She has north carolina Medicaid. If you think you might could help us or point us in a good direction please email me at

    • Reply pborton

      Brie, Our home has only beds on the second floor, some of them are bunk beds. Has she looked at Dove’s Nest in Charlotte? They have elevators. They might be able to help.


  4. Reply Donna

    Hi, I am writing asking for help with a young single mother that has gotten herself into a problem with drugs…she has asked for help….if you all could help or for more info my email is God bless

    • Reply pborton

      Donna, I’m sorry I haven’t responded to you before now. If the young lady still wants help, have her call us 336-813-3007 or fill out an application that is on this website. We certainly will help if we can.

  5. Reply Gigi

    How much is the program? Do you offer grants? I am inquiring for my daughter. She is a heroin addict. After she comes there what happens, where does she go?

    • Reply pborton

      Gigi, We are a safe place for women that want help getting into long-term Christian rehabs all around the USA. We ask for $50/wk, but if a woman doesn’t have it, it won’t disqualify her. We work with 38 rehabs from California, to NY, to FL. The majority are in NC, SC and are close by. We certainly will help if we can. Get her to put in an application.Paula

  6. Reply Tiffany Allen

    Hey my name is Tiffany Allen,i have had a drug problem for going on 10 years its taken so much from me. My kids and I’ve wasted so much of my life. I am a type 1 diabetic i take insulin everyday and i also have hep c. Please can somebody please help me I’m killing myself in the past 6 months I’ve lost everything please I’m begging for help. My drug of choice is herion but i will abuse everything. I also have no insurance.

    • Reply pborton

      Tiffany, You will need detox before coming into Solus Christus. Your other help issues won’t keep you from entering. Get an application in. We certainly will help if we can. Hold on. There really is help in Christ. Paula

  7. Reply Delmar Stilwell Junior

    Paula, it’s your old preacher buddy from West Virginia Delmar Stilwell. Hey was just letting you know I still plan on seeing you in a couple of weeks from today and was wondering if it’s still cool to come on Tuesday when you’re off? Got some exciting things to tell you about Gloria’s House in West Virginia and looking forward to chatting. Your brother in the Lord.

  8. Reply Christie Orvin

    I am seeking help for myself. I have no income and also do not have access to a fax machine so how do I send the application in

    • Reply pborton

      Nicole, Did you get the help you needed? If not, please give us a call at 336-813-3007. sorry this is so late. Paula

  9. Reply Valerie Pope

    Good morning,

    My daughter is currently in day 3 of detox. Yesterday, we were given the name of your facility and are seeking help immediately following detox. Our wish is to have no lapse in time between detox and entering your facility. How long after we fax the application will we know if she is accepted and when she can come. She is 21 years old, homeless, no job or money. Her father and myself are able and willing to pay any costs associated with your facility on her behalf.

    • Reply pborton

      Hi Valerie,

      I apologize about the amount of time it has taken to reply. Are you still looking for somewhere for your daughter? If so, please click the link “Get Help” and have her fill the application back to us and after she sends it, have her call us for a phone interview.

      Thank You.

  10. Reply Terri Vance-Yoder

    Do you have a long waiting list? My daughter is at synergy and would like to go straight from detox to treatment.

    • Reply pborton


      Did you daughter get the help she needs? We do not have a waiting list at all at this time. We have added another house, doubling our beds. I know this is late, but if she still needs help have her fill out an application (found on this website under Get Help). We’d love to talk with her.


  11. Reply Donna Luper

    How do people pay for this facility .. do you take insurance or is it solely off donations ..

    • Reply pborton

      We ask for $50/week. If the woman doesn’t have a way to pay for her stay, we have donors that take care of the expense. We do not take insurance.

  12. Reply Fonda M Ferguson

    My daughter will be leaving Black Mountain Rehab Feb 3rd 2020..would there be a bed available then.

    • Reply pborton

      If she has an application in and a phone interview completed we let her know if approved that we will save a bed for her.

    • Reply pborton


      The application is right here on our website under Get Help. We have a bed available. Love to hear from you. 336-813-3007

      Paula Borton
      Exec Dire

  13. Reply Shelia Collins

    Hello, I have a sister that came out of detox on 1/25 and has been staying with me since; she was homeless before with no income and no insurance. Is the treatment provided at your residence and is there a wait time. She needs a good inpatient place to with no distractions to help heal her mind body and soul. She has a strong addiction to Heroin, meth and alcohol. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

    • Reply pborton


      Yes, we provide a safe, godly place for women after detox (if they need it). We work with 39 facilities that are 6-12 months long. They are all around the US. We do not take insurance, nor do any of the places we work with. We are run on donations from individuals and churches. Please have her fill out an application and fax it to us. She can call and ask for an interview, too.

      Paula Borton

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