Our Mission

Solus Christus shares the hope of the Gospel with women in addiction. We provide safe housing, discipleship programs and transitional living.  Our primary mission is to preach the Gospel, giving grace and hope to those caught in the snares of addiction, offering them abundant life in Christ.


  1. Reply Mary Monk Troublefield

    What a beautiful video!! Thank you Jesus for Solus Christus and everyone there…on that farm is where I asked God to come into my heart and save me. Mrs. Paula and Mr. Randy are such inspirations…they are true servants of the Lord! Solus Christus was the beginning of my journey with God and recovery and I am forever grateful ♡♡♡ love y’all!

  2. Reply Sarah griffenhagen

    Our group would love to come out and bring dinner July 10. Friday. Is that time available?
    Ardmore baptist

  3. Reply Shannon Vallejos

    I would like to come here. I’m an alcoholic who just spent 7 days in the hospital. My parents told me about your program. It’s needed asap

    • Reply pborton


      If you are still interested, please fill out the application and fax it back to us. Then call and ask for a phone interview. We will help if we can. Thanks for reaching out to us.


  4. Reply Suzan Wade

    I saw a little about your ministry in our church newsletter from Ardmore Baptist Church. Mike Knuckolls visited your ministry and put an article in our newsletter. I would dearly love to volunteer or do whatever I can to help with this ongoing ministry you started. I am involved with the Battered Women’s Shelter in Winston-Salem and I volunteer at the Homeless Shelters during the winter. My heart is so full just knowing you and many others are helping these women with their addiction problem. Praise God He laid this on your heart to help in this way. I would love to come visit. I will be in prayer for the continuation of this wonderful ministry.
    Love in Christ,
    Suzan Wade

    • Reply pborton

      Susan, we always can use volunteers. Our thrift store in Pfafftown needs volunteers and there are many other areas of need, also. Please send me your address and I’ll send out our volunteer packet. Thank you. You sound quite active in service.

  5. Reply Ann James

    I have some old (last year I think) church literature. Probably twenty books or more. Would you all be interested? If so just let me know and they are yours. Our church was the one that sent the Christmas baskets either last year or year before so you came to my mind to offer them to you first. Thanks for all you do.

  6. Reply Peter Venable

    Your staff person, whose name I forgot, gave a powerful testimony at Celebrate Recovery last Tuesday evening. She is a credit to you and of course, our Lord. I take inmates to this CR meeting.

    Press on!


  7. Reply Natalie Johnson


    I lived here for about 6 weeks about two years ago. I am currently in treatment in Florida, and I’m looking for somewhere to stay when I return to North Carolina. I was wondering what your waiting list might look like right now? I will call you later but if you receive this before then, please call my patient advocate, Shelby, at (949)324-9837.

    Thank you in advanced!

    • Reply pborton

      Natalie, hope you are doing well. Are you talking about coming here to go to another rehab? Are you completing a long-term Christian treatment facility and therefore wanting a transition home? We have that also now, in Winston Salem. Just let me know. We have applications for both on our website. Paula

  8. Reply Sharon Martin

    To All the Ladies that came to Hope Baptist Church CR Friday November 15,2015:
    Thank You For Blessing Us With Your Presence!! We were so Thankful and Blessed to have you come Worship with us!! Thank You Sidney for sharing with us!! I will be keeping you all in my Prayers daily. May God continue to Bless You All Graciously!! We Love You.
    From Sharon Martin
    Please feel free to contact me and to share my email address.

    Please feel free to contact
    From Sharon Martin@

    • Reply pborton

      Tish, Download the application, get it back to us and then call for a phone interview. We certainly will help if we can. Paula

  9. Reply Melody hartman

    My daughter is in desparte need of treatment and we were referred to you by Reverend Felton Smith. If she does not receive treatment I will be burying her shortly. Her addiction is severe and one of the worse I have seen and I have seen many in my years being I work in the prison enivornment as well as my sisters, both, have been active addicts for approximately 25 years. PLEASE HELP!!!!

    • Reply pborton

      Melody, please have her fill out an application and fax it back to us. Then, have her give us a call. I pray we can help. Paula

  10. Reply Tabitha Bell

    Hi PaulaSid, Laura n Lauren if still there. Wanted to just tell u guys that after I had 2 come home from there took care of the situation did go 2 faith home came back 2 nc n have been clean every since n doing great! N a good place n my life right now. Want 2 thank each of u 4 the different impact u each made on me. Keep doing what u guys r doing! Love y’all would love 2 visit or come 2 CR with you guys! Ur sis n Christ,Tabitha Bell

    • Reply pborton

      Tabitha, thank you for letting us know. I am thrilled you went to Faith Home and are doing well. Come visit. We’d love to here your story. Paula

  11. Reply Phyllis Burton

    I’m Phyllis Burton, daughter is Kaitlin Burton
    Kaitlin told me may be coming to your program on Saturday, but got very angry with me Saturday. I hope she came because she said Saturday afternoon she was not going.
    Kaitlin asked me take care of her cat if she went but I don’t know if she went. Also she has a rental car while her car is being fixed and it’s still at her condo. Please inform me about cat and what I’m to do about her rental car thanks

    • Reply pborton

      Good afternoon, Phyllis. Both the car and the cat are being taken care of by Craig. Thanks anyway.

  12. Reply Emily Troublefield

    I love this place.. I learned to live a new life in Christ here.. I learned who I was in Christ. I learned how to live all over again. My heart will always hikd a special place for Solus Christus and all of the ones who make it possible. I love you all. Em ☝

  13. Reply Brittany k. Williams

    I have been searching for an in house program, and i have went to celebrate recovery meetings in the past and was able to stay clean up until i stopped going to meetings. i would love to come to this facility

    • Reply pborton

      Good morning, Brittany. Just fill out the application, fax it back and give us a call. We’ll help if we can!


  14. Reply Melissa Bruce

    Martha Logan would be so please to know her home is being used in such a powerful way. I spent many days in that house and have had many memories there. Go bless what you are doing.

  15. Reply Pat Ruckle

    Paula Borton, how blessed to see & listen to this “new” website of your work. I talked with you by phone a couple of years ago as a resource for ladies waiting to get into a Christian rehab [mostly Dove’s Nest] but my how it seems God has grown your original “intent”. Thank you for being Christ’s response of love to women who need to know there is hope & a real love greater than any they’ve ever known.

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